Andy Proctor


01-Love and Charity in Revival The first message of the weekend was "Love and Charity in Revival. This was a great start to what we expect to be a great weekend.  We pray this needful topic is a blessing to you.
02 - A Vision of the Great Commission The second message of the weekend was "A Vision of the Great Commission." Brother Andy takes  his text in the Great Commission and lays six essential foundational truths to properly carrying out the Commission given to the Lord's churches. 
03 - Preaching the Gospel The third message of the weekend was "Preaching the Gospel."  Brother Andy elaborates on one of his essential points in "A Vision of the Great Commission".  He explains the instrumentality of the Gospel as God regenerates His elect. 
04 - Finishing the Course with Joy Oftentimes we may have a tendency to only be interested in doctrinal things.  However, our doctrine should always influence the way we live our lives.  Brother Proctor emphasizes the importance of working out one's salvation in order to live joyfully in the Lord.  We pray it encourages you.
05 - Learning of Christ Our weekend ended with a great evangelistic sermon.  Brother Andy taught how real burdens can only be relieved through knowing Christ as Savior.  We pray that the Lord enlightens you of this rest through this message.



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