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Bro Fry is the Pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Ceredo, WV



2019 Winter Revival


Psalm 19 - Creator, Author of Scripture, and RedeemerPsalm 19 is certainly a favorite of many believers. In this Psalm, we are introduced to God as not only our Creator, but our Redeemer. And, all of these truths are found in His Word - which He authored. We know this sermon by Pastor John Fry will be greatly encouraging to you.  

Psalm 22 - A View from the CrossWe usually think of the cross from a view on the ground. However, in this wonderful Psalm, God gives us a glimpse of the cross from the cross itself. We know this sermon by Pastor John Fry will be greatly beneficial to you!


2013 Summer Worship Conference Messages:


01 - You Were Born to Worship Brother John's sermon laid the foundation for the entire weekend.  Simply, we were created (as was all created things) to worship God.
02 - Music in Worship Like prayer, music is worship.  Brother John laid quite the foundation from God's Word about the types of music that are to be sang in the Lord's churches.  Then, he gave a lengthy history of music in Christendom.  The approach was worthy and enlightening.
03 - In Spirit and In Truth - Decently and In Order Though the messages were all to do with worship, this message brings back home the importance of the Spirit in worship.  The truth cannot be sacrificed.  All things must be kept in order.  A study of worship would be incomplete without this sermon.
04 - Hightogy - Peace Be Still Brother John Fry filled the pulpit for this message.  He examines the calming of the sea by Jesus and relates that account to how the Lord often calms the storms in our own lives.  We pray it’s an encouragement to you!
05 - Doers Not Hearers Brother John closed our Worship conference.  In this message, he challenged the church in Northport to take to heart the things that had been preached.  As difficult as it might be, Brother John encouraged us not to forget the things we had been taught.  Whatever we do, we must act out the things that we've been instructed from God's Word to do.  


2012 Revival Messages:


01 - Focus on the Soul The word of God declares that man sees himself as pure in his own eyes, but the Lord knows us for who we really are. This message is an attempt to focus our thoughts towards our own soul and see ourselves as God sees us.
02 - Focus on our Strength As Christians it is sometimes easy to see how God was with us in our past. It is also easy to understand how God has promised to take care of us in the future. However, we often lose sight of how God is with us today. If God be for us, who can be against us?
03 - Focus on the Home We live in a society today where parents often want to be their childrens best friends instead of playing the role as parents. This message is an encouragement to parents to step back and refocus on God's will in the rasing of our children.
04 - Focus on the Gospel We live in a society where many of us are scared to share the gospel message. As Christians we should never be ashamed to tell others about the gospel. This sermon is an exhortation to tell others about the pure gospel.
05 - Focus on the Game This message uses the illustration of a football game in effort to show us how the church is to go forward promoting the Great Commission and the obstacles we face along the way.


Here is a sampling of some messages given by Bro. Fry at his home church. We pray that they are a blessing to you.

Christian Freedom A great lesson on two great points: #1. The believer is free from the Law #2. The believer is NOT free to live a life of sin
Fishers of Men A sermon on the importance of missionary work
Every Day is Labor Day A practical message showing the importance of serving God on a daily basis
God's Still Working on Me An encouraging lesson detailing how the Lord is daily molding us into a better servant

You can find Bro. Fry's home church's (Grace Missionary Baptist Church of Ceredo, WV) Sermon Audio Page HERE

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