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2016 Winter Revival @SGBCNorthport

01 - Introduction to being practical people In this introductory message, Brother Troy differentiates between being theological and being theologically practical.  He stresses the importance of applying the truths we learn in Bible study to our everyday lives. 
02 - Practically Speaking: Resolutions that Mean Something Brother Troy uses “New Year’s Resolutions” as a “springboard” to challenge the people at SGBC Northport in our resolve to serve God practically. 
03 - Practically Speaking: Fight for Your Family In this lesson, Brother Troy speaks on the importance of the family unit and how we all, as believers, need to fight for our family as the world system tries to win them over. 
04 - be Biblically Practical In this final message, Brother Troy reemphasized some of his introductory principles with an added emphasis on making sure our practicality is in line with God’s Word.


2013 Worship Conference @SGBCNorthport

01 - The Object of Worship Springboarding from Brother John's foundational message, Brother Troy immediately points us to God as the Object of worship.  He covers the attitude in which we must approach worship.  He lays the foundation of the Gospel which declares that we can only approach God through Christ.
02 - Prayer in Worship Prayer is worship.  Whether done in private or public, we must always consider the seriousness of prayer.  There is much in the Word of God about prayer.  Brother Troy instructed us on what to do and what not to do when we approach the Lord through prayer.
03 - How to Prepare for Worship Here's a subject that is often taken for granted.  Worship doesn't just happen.  We must prepare to approach God.  There is a proper way and time to prepare.  Brother Troy brought this convicting message.
04 - Mercy - Not Sacrifice The Jews were given the Law in several lengthy Old Testament books.  And yet, Hosea tells us that God desired mercy, not sacrifice.  God must be approached with the right attitude.  Brother Troy brought this important message to keep the focus on Christ, not the traditions of men.


2012 Revival @SGBCNorthport

01 - The Sin of Pride Brother Troy deals with the subject of pride and points out how believers should never get caught up in such an attitude. 
02 - God is All in All Brother Troy points out a very important point in the Christian faith in this lesson.  That is that God is the One that we are to live for. 
03 - The Thorn in the Flesh This sermon by Brother Troy is a great encouragement to the children of God.  All of us will have trials in our lives from time to time.  But, God is our Great Helper!
04 - Trust God Brother Troy’s last message of the weekend gives believers the simple encouragement to trust the Lord every moment of our lives. 


2012 Revival @Hightogy

01 - Woe is Me Using Isaiah’s vision of the Lord, Brother Troy shows methodically how God must reach down to man if we are ever to know Him. 
02 - Who Is Your Jesus Brother Troy asks a serious question in this sermon.  It is certainly meant as a challenge to all that hear it!  We pray it’s a blessing to you.
03 - A Man Named Barnabas This character study of Barnabas shows him to be a great example for believers today.  We’re certain it will be an encouragement to you.


2010 Revival @SGBCNorthport

01-The Work of Nehemiah There are many great passages in the Old Testament that are beneficial to us. Brother Troy brings a lesson on just such a passage. In this sermon, he deals with the subject of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.
02 -Being a Baptist Pillar Brother Troy brings a good lesson here on the importance of staying true to the faith as it was once delivered to the saints. The stress here is for church members to be faithful, loving and doctrinally strong.
03 - Why I Love God As human beings, we often need a reminder of simple things. This message seeks to remind us of reasons we ought to love the Lord with all our heart.
04 - The Foolishness of Idolatry There is much idolatry in the world today. Many people…even Christians…oftentimes put things before God. This equates into idolatry. Brother Troy brings out several reasons that idolatry is foolish.
05 - Trusting God In his final message, Brother Troy brings a practical message that ought to encourage every child of God. In a world full of trouble, we can always trust the Lord our God. We pray this message is an encouragement to you.

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